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Hope and life come through Jesus. We use our professional skills and training to make him known in Asia and the Arab World.

Our Resources


What does it meant to pursue healthcare with excellence overseas? Read stories of doctors serving in Asia and the Arab World and see current opportunities.

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A child dying of dengue, refugee women who have been violated--Glimpse life through the eyes of cross-cultural nurses and see where you might fit.

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Healthcare Specialists

Whatever your training, Interserve has an opportunity for you. Explore the openings and then contact us about others not publicly posted.

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Short-term Service

Whether you are a med student with a fourth-year elective or a professional willing to serve for a few weeks or more, we can help you find a place of meaningful service.


"Working with Interserve has been wonderful. I really value the structure Interserve offers, the chance to be sent by a solid gospel-centered group that helps me think through how we do ministry in a wholistic way. I also love the flexibility Interserve has given me to integrate my medical skills with ministry in a way that fits well with my personality.

Family Practice Physician, Central Asia

"Where I work, we often talk about serving God by serving others. As long as nurses are willing to adapt their vision of what working as a nurse means, there are so many opportunities. Pediatrics, medicine, surgery, public health, education, midwifery--a nurse has broad enough skills to be used in many different ways. Serving in Christ's name speaks volumes to those with 'ears to hear.
Veteran Partner, South Asia 


"I believe that God wants to see Christians not only reach out to the vulnerable, but reach out in ways that are helpful, relevant and competent.  
Interserve Partner, South East Asia

Get in touch with us!

We'd love to journey with you and help you think through questions. We can put you in touch with Partners already working overseas or look for tailored placements. We are a community of Christ-following professionals committed to using our training to make Jesus known. Can we help think through how God can use you?