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Our Current Missions Assignment

Video by Dr. Florence Muindi • Posted 3 days ago

Faith Prescriptions: Spiritual Interventions With Our Patients

Audio by William Griffin • Posted 10 days ago

Cancer Screening Globally

Video by Jeffrey Leman • Posted 15 days ago

6 Types of Christian Medical Missions - Serve Your Call

Article by • Posted 16 days ago

How to Become a Missionary

Article by • Posted 16 days ago

Physical Therapy in Medical Missions

Article by • Posted 16 days ago

Finding Your Best-fit Sending Agency (The top 10 Questions to Ask)

Audio by Steve Harling, Josiah Harling • Posted 17 days ago

11 Powerful Missionary Care Packages - Medical Missions

Article by • Posted 19 days ago

Full Time Missionary Jobs - Medical Missions

Article by • Posted 19 days ago

Treatment of Worms and Other Parasitic Diseases

Video by Rebecca Chancey, Charles Mosler • Posted 22 days ago

Case Studies: Applying Principles of Transformational Development in Community Health Evangelism

Video by Christina Miller, Laura Smelter, Greg Miller • Posted 24 days ago

Covid 19 Pandemic and the Human Trafficking Crisis: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know

Audio by Joyce Lo, Sharmayne Brooks, Jennifer Fischer • Posted one month ago

Together Pursuing People Movements to Christ

Article by Jill Dodd, Shanta Dawson , Tim Garrett • Posted one month ago

Women on Mission

Video by Rebekah Naylor • Posted one month ago

Whole Person Care in Small Town America

Audio by Sherry O'Donnell • Posted one month ago

Working as a Nurse Practitioner Overseas

Audio by Laila • Posted one month ago

Language Learning - Should I? and How?

Audio by Natalie Mullen Leisher • Posted one month ago

Diabetes Care in Low Resource Settings

Audio by Elizabeth Vaughan • Posted one month ago

GMHC 2022 Day 2 Virtual Stream

Video by • Posted one month ago