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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Compassionate Ministry in Honor Shame Contexts

When we show Christ’s love in honor-shame cultures, often people first see merit making, proselytization and apostasy however pure our motivation may be. We will look at a worldview that is based on honor-shame, come to understand how they may interpret what we do and from there understand the risks and look at what practices may help us to show and share God’s love appropriately. The workshop will use observations from tsunami relief and urban poor work in SE Asia to illustrate these principles.

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Clinical Updates in TB

Tuberculosis is an infection with global significant that takes on a whole new level of importance for those desiring to work internationally in underserved areas. Effective medicine in areas of high tuberculosis prevalence requires both an understanding of the current state of TB diagnosis and management globally as well as the current on-the-ground application of these principles in under-resourced settings. This session will discuss clinical updates in TB in both of these fronts.

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Treating pediatric movement disabilities for the Non-Physical Therapist

This session is intended to help non-therapists or medical professionals provide therapeutic intervention for children with common motor disabilities. Mobility and play are important aspects in the development of young children. Autism, Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy are common pediatric developmental disabilities that can have an negative impact on movement. In this practical session we will learn common motor and developmental impairments in children with these diagnoses and how to provide and teach parents low tech exercises and activities to address these impairments.

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Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through International Christian Community Development

Health Environmental and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.) (www.missonforhelp.org) is a Christian development mission and non-profit organization registered in 1999 and founded by Tim and Lani Ackerman, an ecologist and medical doctor. The Ackermans served in the Himalayas for 8 years, and while there trained Nepali Christians to lead the organization, founding an NGO. Using the model of Jesus' ministry to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, HELP's focus is to equip the national church and assist them in developing their own community. In multiple areas, Christian Community Development works through literacy, animal husbandry, health, agriculture, income generation, environment preservation, an orphanage and sponsorship program we serve the poor of the Himalayas and see Christ transform. In a grass-roots approach, trainer of trainers methods, multi-tier discipleship, and close follow up, HELP partners with hundreds of Nepali believers and leaders, bringing non-formal education, health training, pesticide-free farming, gardening, income generation, veterinary work, and ministry to the poorest of the poor, addressing social determinants of health and championing social justice through the gospel. This session will help participants understand how social determinants of health, social justice, and health equity can be addressed through the church and with discipleship

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S.I.Ts and M.I.Ts: Yielded Vessels in the Making

We are all "Servants in Training", "Missionaries in Training" or both. What's the difference and how might God be preparing us? Dr. Dowell will be discussing the importance of each of those seasons in our development as yielded vessels "living sacrifices". We will learn the answers to those questions, find encouragement in times of difficulty, and be inspired to answer the call along the way as we glean wisdom, and learn a few guiding principles from the lives of biblical and historical servants who have been called and used of God in times past.

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