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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Our Current Missions Assignment

The missional landscape has changed. The recent global events, the shifting distribution of Christians, and the realities of what God is allowing; are presenting a whole new missional landscape. What then are the new structures, approaches, and strategies that are proving effective for missions in our days? This will be shared with a special emphasis on the emerging role of medical missions and the strategy for partnerships.

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Finding Your Best-fit Sending Agency (The top 10 Questions to Ask)

In this session, you'll learn the most important questions to ask when considering a potential mission sending organization. Find your best fit by attending this seminar!

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Treatment of Worms and Other Parasitic Diseases

This session will be a quick review of common treatments for worms, Chagas disease, Human African Trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis which are all parasites more common outside of the United States. However with a recent increase in immigrants they are becoming more common in some parts of the United States. The brief discussion of the treatment of each of these infections will include medications, dosing, side effects and monitoring.

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Case Studies: Applying Principles of Transformational Development in Community Health Evangelism

Transformational Development (TD) and Community Health Evangelism (CHE) are well-established and broadly used approaches with potential to bring profound and lasting impacts on health and agency within communities and within missions. However, participatory learning trainings and open-ended applications may leave missionaries wondering how TD and CHE can be impactful or implementable in a particular context. This session begins with a brief background of TD and CHE principles, including emphasis on Assets-Based Community Development and Community-Driven programs. Missionaries will share examples of successful programs from frameworks of understanding the setting, local leadership, community-driven priorities, and existing assets. Session participants will interact with speakers and work through an additional number of cases, applying TD and CHE in a variety of real-life clinical and community contexts. This session concludes with a toolkit of resources and training options ranging from book recommendations to CHE courses and Preventive Medicine Fellowships. https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_christinamiller_casestudiesapplying https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_christinamiller_casestudiesapplying_handout

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Working as a Nurse Practitioner Overseas

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have been used in the USA for the last several decades. The increased scope of practice with reimbursement for services has only been since 1997. The rapid expansion of the use of NPs in healthcare and the diversity of opportunities in the USA is a guideline to opportunities for NPs around the world. Exploring and promoting the role of the nurse practitioner in other countries of the world is an exciting and often challenging process. There are many countries who do not yet recognize the role an NP plays in the healthcare setting. However, NPs (both in traditional mission roles and as marketplace workers) can be utilized to expand the level of care for patients in many areas of the world. this session hopes to provide insight on obtaining licensure overseas as well as to inspire nurses to consider the many ways their skills and talents can be utilized around the world. to improve healthcare and to bring the good news

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