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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Muslim Movements to Christ

Whether or not they all identify as Christians like us, tens of thousands of Muslims from diverse corners of the Muslim world are transferring allegiance from Mohammed and the Qur'an to Messiah Jesus and His Kingdom. They welcome you and your medical skills to serve with them in the Muslim World. But what's your ultimate objective? Is it physically healed Muslims, a few of whom join churches? Or is it a Church Planting Movement among Muslims who transfer their allegiance to Jesus and then bring in His Kingdom? It's easy to focus on the former and pay too little attention to the latter. You'll learn of "Muslim Believers" who focus on both ... and how you can participate.

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Pioneering with Indigenous Leaders

Jericho Road is a Christian federally qualified community health center in Buffalo , NY that provides care to marginalized and vulnerable populations , including many refugees from over 80 nations. Since 2009 Jericho Road has followed some of their refugee friends back home to their countries of origin and have helped them start and operate health centers that also serve the most vulnerable. Today Jericho Road operates health centers in Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal. Each of these health centers is led and operated by local folks from those countries. By empowering local leaders Jericho Road in Buffalo has been richly blessed and our ability to demonstrate the love of Jesus has been enhanced. This workshop will focus on the lessons we have learned along the way.

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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is an often misunderstood or neglected aspect in the preparation for missions. This session will briefly overview the Biblical understanding of spiritual warfare and examine how our Western worldview (which is not entirely Biblical) is often limited in addressing the broad needs present in a host culture. As some illnesses may be spiritual in their origins, an appropriate understanding and application of spiritual warfare can bring a comprehensive view to treating illness. Also, some basic weapons necessary to prevail in warfare will be presented.

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Update on Tropical Diseases

In this session we will look at several clinical tropical diseases seen in nationals and expatriate travelers. Real clinical cases and research studies will be described as unknowns. The challenge will be to recognize various travel related illnesses and making a diagnosis. We will explore cases of fever, skin rash, abdominal complaints, and some emerging tropical diseases around the world.

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Care of Disabled Children in Low Resource Countries

While recognizing the medical limitations in the developing world, one must also capitalize on the "assets" present there. "Specialists" are rare, unavailable, and/or too expensive for most of the poor, disabled people. "State-of-the-art", while the aspiration of the west, is usually unavailable in the developing world. How do we capitalize on the assets and provide a reasonable alternative for the numerous disabled of the developing world? Some African countries have modified their medical approach and have found their solutions in alternative medical practitioners with less training and credentials but sufficient skills and judgment to reasonably meet the needs of many of the disabled. Some of these objectives were achieved in a mission hospital in Africa not because it was the first choice, but it was seemingly the only choice. Now, at that facility, a higher level of care has been achieved. However, can such a model be replicated in other settings in Africa?

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