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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Point of Care Ultrasound: Next Best Thing to Sliced Bread...Almost

Diagnostic dilemma poses one of the challenges in the mission field due to lack of ideal or reliable tools. Integrating ultrasound findings with clinical assessments can help improve diagnostic certainty at the bedside. During this 1-hour session, we will briefly review the capabilities and limitations in assessing intracranial pressure, fractures, and acute tendon ruptures along with a more traditional assessments for pneumonia, heart failure, and DVT, among other diseases. We will also briefly compare some of the available portable ultrasound devices.

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Clinical Ethics

This lecture first explores ethics from the perspective of normal human nature. Then the impact of this human nature on every day medical practice, medical education, medical research and medical missions is discussed.

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Vaccines aren't perfect, but they prevent a lot of disease and save a lot of lives. In this session, we will review vaccination as related to those who travel internationally and to those who live in resource-limited areas. We will discuss new advances in vaccination.

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Crash Course in Cyber Security

Any device capable of being connected to cyberspace can be subject to surveillance, hacked, and used monitor behavior in the physical world. The lowest level of threat is probably the thief who wants to steal your smart phone. The highest level of threat is the nation state monitoring you using that same smart phone, supposing you will compromise the local believers. Between these extremes are the criminals who call your contact list, tell them you have been kidnapped and demand ransom, and the criminals who seize your data with ransomware. Mission teams may need to turn to cybersecurity professionals to develop plans for working in closed countries and nations that are fundamentally hostile to the faith or are just corrupt. Knowing when this help is needed is critical to staying safe. This session will provide participants with tools and strategies to enhance their cybersecurity.

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