Sam Powdrill

I am a PA teaching at the University of KY PA program. My wife and I were at Tenwek Hospital for 13 years where we worked in Ophthalmology.

I am a Physician assistant who is currently teaching at the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant program. My connection with world missions is that I grew up in India of missionary parents then my wife and I went into full time medical missions work. At that time we were both nurses. Later I went to England for training in eye care and we went to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya where we developed the eye unit. I became more and more involved with eye surgery and over the next few years qualified as a non- physician cataract surgeon doing small incision cataract surgery (MSICS). We were at Tenwek for most of 13 years. During this time I trained several local midlevel health providers in cataract surgery before returning to the States. Here in the States I teach physician assistant students at the University of Kentucky. in the past couple of years I have been working with others to develop a lower cost, light weight operating microscope for rural eye surgery, that can be used by eye surgeons going abroad . I try to return to Kenya or another country once or twice a year for a short visit to continue doing eye surgery, training and renew friendships.