The Training Years: Wisdom for What’s Now and Pearls for What's Next

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STUDENTS & RESIDENTS: How can we deepen in our love for Jesus and see this refining, exciting time as He does? We’ll spend the first half tackling topics like long-haul stamina, time management, living in community, debt, and God’s heart for those experiencing poverty.

For the second hour, we’ll divide into small groups of the same discipline (i.e., DO/MD students, residents, pre-med, PA, NP, pharmacy, dental, spouses). With facilitators who have gone through it before, we’ll dive into the questions you have and brainstorm how God might sustain you now and lead you up ahead.

Session recorded on Friday, November 10th during Session Block #2 at 10:00 AM EST ; speakers: Liz Redican; Jessie Thomas; Sarah; Luke Little; Luke Little

Session webpage: 


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