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ATM is an association of organizations providing transformational ministries using the proven methods of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and Neighborhood Transformation (NT).

The founding members of ATM are Global CHE Network (https://www.chenetwork.org/ )and Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation (https://www.neighborhoodtransformation.net/wp/)

ATM also serves as a holding organization for non-profits as an incubator for new organizations doing transformational ministry. ATM is conducting this service as a Class C Fiscal Sponsor and is registered as a Group 501c3.

ATM exists to provide the solid operational foundation needed to spread CHE and NT. CHE is perhaps the most formidable mission tool available, combining community development with evangelism and discipleship around the world. Neighborhood Transformation, on the other hand, adapts CHE to large urban areas in the westernized world. Please see our websites for additional information.

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