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Equip International's hands-on programs for community development present skills which can be used by the missionary as well as taught to the people whom they serve.   Programs such as Missionary Medicine Intensive (MMI) and Missionary Medicine for Physicians (MMP) present appropriate medical skills that can be used in short-term or long-term ministries where the missionary may be the only medical help available or where the physician has no lab to help him diagnose properly.   Water Technologies like Well Drilling and Water Pump Repair present practical skills which can be used to get safe water for a community or repair a pump on existing well.   Community Health Evangelism (CHE) integrates these hands-on skills with evangelism in such a way that ownership is given to the community, not held by the missionary.   The community can then begin to work together to find solutions for their problems and will begin to change from the inside out as individuals come to Christ and live out their faith in their own community.   Because many cultures of the world are illiterate, Story-centric Strategies for Oral Communities is so vital in sharing the Gospel.   Compressed Earth Block and Concrete Dome Construction are solutions to the great need in frontier nations for safe, affordable housing.   Traditional houses in many parts of the world are extremely vulnerable to earthquakes and hurricanes, leaving families without homes after natural disaster strikes.  We train missionaries to build homes and structures that are durable, can withstand earthquakes, fire, hurricanes, and floods, and have a simple design that is constructed with affordable, accessible materials.

For more information about these and all the programs presented by Equip, go to equipinternational.org.   You'll be so glad you did and so will the people whom you serve!

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