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We are a community of Christ-following professionals committed to using our skills, intentionally and creatively, to make Jesus known. 

  • We work exclusively among the peoples of Asia and the Arab World—among the 25% of the world that has yet to meet a follower of Jesus.
  • We leverage our professional skills in wholistic ministry, serving and empowering marginalized people.
  • Our commitment to excellence enhances our witness for Christ and enables us to make valued contributions to the people we serve.
  • Drawn from over 20 countries, our teams are intercultural and interdenominational. They represent the beauty and diversity of Christ's body.
  • We are field-led. We believe the people on the field are the ones best able to make wise decisions about how to represent Jesus in their context.
  • Founded over in 1852, we have deep experience, strong networks, and an unfailing passion for Jesus.

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