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Since 1998, New Life International, Inc.’s mission has been to provide safe water and deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. A very durable, yet cost-effective and simple-to-operate, water purifier was invented by Duvon McGuire that creates chlorine to disinfect water. One purifier has the capability of serving a school, orphanage, clinic, hospital or even an entire community.

More than 4,000 water purification systems have been deployed to 85 countries. Missionaries, pastors and church leaders who know of a need for safe water come to our campus in Underwood, Indiana, for a free, one-day training on proper placement and installation of a purifier. It is through these relationships that New Life International is able to bring safe water and abundant life to the uttermost parts of the world.

Whether you’re currently on the mission field or your present stage of life doesn’t allow you to go on mission, you can play a part in bringing safe and Living Water to communities in need.

We look forward to conversations with you through our website:  www.waterfortheworld.org   or info@waterfortheworld.com .


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