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Serge means “joining together rough edges to form a smooth seam”. We see God weaving together the ragged parts of our lives with His goodness, making the tattered beautiful. This is the power of the gospel at work in and through us, transforming our weakness and the world’s brokenness—God’s grace at the fray.

Core to Serge is the belief that we need the gospel as much as anyone else. So as we seek to make the gospel known to others, we desire for this same grace to continually renew our lives.

For over 30 years, Serge has been helping individuals and churches engage in global mission.  Yet even as our missionaries first stepped out to fulfill this calling, they faced their own failings. Their clay feet, lack of faith, and broken relationships alienated the very people they came to reach.

We quickly came to realize that becoming a missionary didn’t exempt you from the trials and failings of being a sinful, broken person. So early in our history, through the work of our founder Dr. Jack Miller and others, we developed a singular focus on the need for the gospel in our own lives, even as we reached out to take the message of God’s grace to others.

Today, our work consists of sending and caring for missionaries, mentoring & equipping ministry leaders around the world, and developing resources for on-going spiritual renewal.

Learn more at www.serge.org/gmhc 

Visit us at our booth in the Main Building, Fellowship Hall 1 (Booths 1001 & 1002)

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