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Do you want to live differently and be a part of a bigger story that God is writing? At WGM, we want to help guide you to God's best for you, wherever and whatever that is. In Matthew 28, Jesus invites us to take an active role in redeeming this broken world, where people are in need of hope, truth, and meaning. Why would we settle for anything less?

World Gospel Mission believes your unique calling and skill set have a vital role in God's redemptive plan for the world. Let us come alongside you on your missions journey and help you discover your role, connecting your passion with God's heart for the world. 

One of WGM's best known medical ministries is Tenwek Hospital which has the motto "We treat. Jesus heals." Tenwek has a tremendous legacy of service in Jesus name. A staff of over 700 Kenyans and missionaries provide services not only within the hospital but also in a expansive community health network. Tenwek Hospital video. Other WGM medical ministries include Chogoria Hospital (Kenya), Least of These (Kenya), Miriam Medical Clinics (USA), and more.

WGM Affiliations: Global Missions Health Conference, Samaritan's Purse, MedSend

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