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7 Christian Mission Organizations That Offer Mission Trips

Explore Christian mission organizations like Medical Missions, Send International, YWAM, World Venture, and answer the call to serve the Lord!

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Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine is emphasized worldwide. An important skill in the practice of evidence based health care is the ability to critically appraise the validity of published literature. This lecture will explore principles of evidence based medicine and critical appraisal of randomized controlled trial.

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Mentoring in Medicine - Making It Matter

Mentors are instrumental in the professional and personal growth of healthcare professionals. However, mentoring relationships often fail to realize their full potential. Attendees will be encouraged and equipped to initiate mentoring relationships that provide both mentor and mentee with a rewarding experience.

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Making a mid-career move to full-time missions--barriers and solutions.

A panel of those who entered full time missions after age 50 will discuss how God overcame and is overcoming objections, difficulties and fears to place them in service.

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5 Dental Mission Trip Opportunities

If you’re a medical professional in the dental field, God has a place for you in fulfilling the Great Commission. Dental mission trips are a path to serve.

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Some of the Best Countries to do Mission Work

The world is a big place, and people's needs are everywhere. So, finding the best countries to do mission work can be a challenge. It’s hard to know where to start.

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Single Minded Singleness: Handling the Challenges & Rewards of Being Unmarried in Missions

There are a lot of advantages and freedoms for serving alone in ministry, like super-focus on tasks without interruption, managing time schedule and work, budget/finances for money spending, housing/moving for living situations, building friendships/engaging in social activities for enhancing outreach, and traveling/planning/ decision-making. However, there are some challenges for long-term sin...

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Emotional Healing Matters: 4 Proven Biblical Keys You Can Use

Your emotional health matters as you join God in His work among the nations. There are four proven biblical keys to receive your emotional healing and use to minister to others. Using these keys will help you to stay emotional healthy as you serve others.

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10 Long Term Mission Opportunities

There are many roles of a missionary, some might pursue short-term missions with several trips over a lifetime, while others embrace long-term mission opportunities.

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Responding to Gods Command and Commission

In this session, It will seek to help guide you on how to respond to God’s Command and Commission, The quest for discovering and following God’s will and purpose for one’s life is often an illusion to many children of the Living God, Many believers resorts to imitating others and or live a hypocritical phantom life as they are tied down to daily engagements and undertakings of...

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