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Cross-Cultural Issues in Teaching Internationally

This session will help prepare participants for teaching internationally and/or cross-culturally. It will discuss differences in education methods that exist between different countries and cultural reasons for them; how these differences may impact how you teach and introduce new methods; and provide examples of ways to overcome or adapt to these differences.

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Five Principles for Long-term impact on a Short-term trip

This session is for those interested in leaving a lasting impact in one's overseas involvement. Often, the impact lasts only as long as the team is on the ground. If you would like to discover one way to have a lasting impact without creating dependency, this session is for you.

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How to Find Affordable Mission Trips

God has called us to share the gospel with the world. That makes finding affordable mission trips all the more important.

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Approaches for Developing Local Nurse Leaders

How to develop nurse leaders: a literature review of approaches and a conversation about creating local, sustainable leadership development programs.

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Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Considerations for Medical Care in a Changing World

This lecture will describe complex humanitarian emergencies and the common diseases encountered and the persons affected. We will also discuss mental health issues encountered by victims and the humanitarian worker as well as describe how one can stay healthy in body, soul, and spirit dealing while dealing with the stress of living in working in such a context.

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And Then the End Will Come

We live in the most amazing days since Jesus walked the earth. The global church is sprinting toward the finish line of the 2000-year Great Commission race, and by God’s grace, our generation may be the one to finish it. In this session, Douglas Cobb of The Finishing Fund will explain the global effort to get the gospel for the first time to the world’s last few unengaged people gro...

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5 Nurse Mission Trips - Minister to Those in Need

Nurses have found a place and purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission. As a result, nurse mission trips have grown in both popularity and opportunity.

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5 Family Mission Trips for Spiritual Growth & Bonding

The best place to start talking about missionary opportunities for families is within your family. Talk with your kids about the importance of missions.

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Medical Mission Trip Packing List - How to Create Yours

The first step in creating a packing list for a medical mission trip is to do some research. Medical mission opportunities can take on a variety of forms.

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A Spiritual Practice to Enhance Resilience: Praying the Psalms

The behavioral health literature on resilience identifies religious belief and practice as important factors contributing to psychological resilience. This literature frequently advocates Eastern religious methods of meditation and exercise as means of enhancing resilience in vulnerable individuals. Much smaller literature suggests that Christian spiritual routines might enhance resilience. Thi...

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